Atypic and the Plural Sector
Dr. Henry Mintzberg, a world-renowned academic and management expert, was the first to come up with a distinct name to distinguish this sector from the private and public sectors.The plural sector includes non-profit organizations (NPOs), charitable organizations, non-government organizations, community organizations, foundations, professional associations, cooperatives, mutual insurance companies, educational institutions and healthcare facilities.

Québec’s plural sector is bigger than you think!

  • Every year, it contributes over $22 billion to our GDP.
  • It employs nearly 470,000 people.
  • It is supported by 2.4 million volunteers.

But it is also facing some major challenges:

  • Funding that is becoming less and less stable and predictable.
  • Significant manpower shortage.
  • General lack of familiarity with public sector realities.
  • Recurring difficulty in maintaining the public’s interest.
  • Québec’s culture of philanthropy is in transformation.

The Atypic team, which has been working with NPOs and charitable organizations for over 20 years, is passionate about meeting these challenges. We believe in the need to unite sector stakeholders to enhance their impact and influence. The plural sector must become a strong pillar of Québec society, and its unique role, complementary to those of the public and private sectors, must be recognized. We want to be a big part of that shift.