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Designer Trends to Watch in 2017

Par / 2 mars 2017 / / 0 Commentaires

Designer Trends to Watch in 2017

Par / 2 mars 2017 / / 0 Commentaires

As a designer, I always look forward to the New Year and with it the unveiling of hot new graphic trends to follow. This year has proven to be no exception as fun and exciting design takes charge with a BOLD theme at the forefront. While many popular trends from 2016 are still holding on, 2017 is pushing creative boundaries with lots of new choices and options for designers.

Here are some of the top design picks making headlines in 2017.

Bright Colour Oppositions:

It’s all about colour and opposites attracting. As designers know, choosing the right or wrong colour can make or break a design. This year, colour trends transcend all rules and gender norms with unisex colour palettes that make a statement. Even their names are bold, reflecting a new avant-garde era: Peach Echo, Green Flash, Iced Coffee and Buttercup are just a few examples. These hybrid colours feature vivid hues representing both optimism and excitement while retaining undertones of quiet stability. Colour becomes a study in contrasts, qualified both by what is present and absent, real and unreal, and everything in between. The so-called “safe and easy colour schemes” of the past few years (whites, grays and black) are being reinvented with an infusion of brighter, more vibrant tones. Thanks to the introduction of these bold accents, 2017 trends are seeing minimalist design schemes refreshed and revitalized.

The Influence of Material Design:

Google was the driving force behind the creation of this type of design language in 2014. Based on paper-and-ink real-life interpretations, web and mobile products on all platforms and applications were branded in a consistent fashion that showcased bright colours on flat and organized spaces and intuitive designs. The main goal behind Material Design is to ensure that the visual aesthetic for users is simple and concise. Bold graphics become a staple. The sense of motion is implied. Intentional white space makes it breathable with a direct focal point where less is more.

Playful Typography:

Gaining momentum in branding is the use of sleek, bold typography. By mixing font uses in title and body content, a hierarchy is established in the material. The combination of in-your-face fonts with daring visuals leaves little room for readers’ fleeting attention. User behaviour is steered in the desired direction. By adding bold frames to the design elements, information becomes the focal point. More and more, graphic design is focusing on the information and making it quick and accessible for an optimal user experience. Modular layouts help make this a reality by breaking long blocks of copy up into manageable chucks. Cheery pops of colour incorporated into the layout add to the functionality, as does the playful typography.

Modern-Retro Touch:

What is old is becoming new again, and that’s what Modern-Retro is all about! It takes something that is old and makes it new with a modern twist. Borrowing something from the past and modernizing it either by stripping it down to its core geometry or adding a colour that reminds you of the past is just one example. It is a trend that can work across all mediums and add a whimsical twist to any design. Modern-Retro is a nostalgic connection between design and users that delivers plenty of appeal and a blast from the past.

As you can see, 2017 is no slouch, with lots of exciting prospects for the design world! This year the bar is set high for designer challenges with new advances and unique experiences on display. BOLD is beautiful and there’s an adventure waiting to be discovered at every step of the creative process!

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