First Impressions Matter : Great Visual Design Is Important

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It takes 1/10th of a second for someone to form a first impression either of a person or a website. And it takes 50 milliseconds for users to judge whether they like or dislike a certain website or whether they’ll stay or leave. Needless to say, visual appeal counts and can sway people’s opinions drastically. This number stems from a three-part study where individuals were asked to rate website in 500 ms and 50 ms increments of time. The findings gave light to web designers having about 50 ms to make a positive first impression. This means great visual design is a must!

Google also researched into understanding aesthetic judgement. There was a higher response rate to visual designs that were not too complex and had a set look for certain categories of websites (prototypicality). First impressions are crucial, and with clean and easy design, users’ first impressions can happen within short timeframes of 17 ms to 50 ms.

But what forms a good first impression in design terms? The following characteristics are solid guidelines that help to create positive responses for websites:

  • Structure
  • Symmetry
  • Spacing
  • Colours
  • Text amount
  • Ergonomic fluidity

Since users are overloaded by information, it’s important to capture people’s attention quickly. Here are a few key elements to consider:

  • Create design components that allow people to interact, are inspirational in approach and communicate a positive light. This in turn translates to higher levels of satisfaction. An example is videos that summarize and render topics in an attentive, visual manner.
  • Remember inbound marketing is a lot like speed dating. People want to get to the core of the information fast and efficiently. This is why value proposition is so important as it relays a clear picture of what your brand offers and the many prospects provided. Straight to the point messages laid out clearly and concisely help steer users in the proper direction from the get-go!
  • Many research findings show website eye tracking is well-connected to first impressions. Data has shown people’s eyes tend to fall on a certain area of a website and affect their first set of impressions. It becomes apparent that what is above the fold is a very important zone and a valuable area to exploit and grab hold of people’s attention.
  • Design plays an influential factor to the whole user experience, where 94% is mainly driven on the look and feel factor. Studies show that people respond to aesthetics and this in turn translates into a trust factor. The average consumer seems to be less hung up on the content but rather concentrating upon the overall visual appeal of a website including the color scheme, font size, typography and general layout.

It’s no secret design is a very important factor for the whole user website experience. High-quality visuals manifest a chain reaction for first impressions and reliability. Interpretation is key and having something aesthetically pleasing cannot help but bring people back for more!

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