Atypic acquires Toronto-based business Leftbank

May 19, 2017

Atypic acquires Toronto-based business Leftbank and consolidates its position as Canada’s leading full-service consulting agency for non-profit and charitable organizations

Pascal Lépine, Atypic’s president and founder, is pleased to announce the recent acquisition of Leftbank, a Toronto-based company that specializes in fundraising for charity and non-profit organizations (the plural sector).

For the past three decades, Leftbank and its co-founder, Steve Hubley, have made a name for themself throughout Canada for its fundraising strategies, specifically those that utilize telemarketing as part of a multi-channel approach. Atypic’s relationship marketing experts will immediately benefit from the advice and strategic vision of Steve, who joined the Atypic team as a senior advisor. Steve will work from Toronto, facilitating development outside of Quebec for both current and future Atypic clients.

“The acquisition of Leftbank consolidates our position as a leading Canadian full-service consulting agency for non-profit and charitable organizations in the plural sector. It marks one more important step in our continual desire to better serve the Quebec and Canadian plural sectors,” explains Pascal Lépine.

“In terms of both expertise and social mission, Atypic is the ideal partner for Leftbank’s future. I am proud to be part of this amazing team and am looking forward to making an even greater contribution to the social and financial success of organizations belonging to the Canadian plural sector,” adds Steve Hubley.

About Atypic

Headquartered in Montreal, Atypic is Canada’s premier agency for strategic consulting, communications and specialized financing for organizations in the plural sector including non-profit and charitable organizations. For more than 20 years, the Atypic team has strengthened the impact of organizations in this sector and contributed to their longevity. Atypic offers all the necessary expertise and experience needed to grow these organizations, raise their profile and increase their revenues.