Opération Enfant Soleil Telethon a Great Success, Thanks in Part to Atypic

June 8, 2016

We are delighted to congratulate the organizers of the 29th Opération Enfant Soleil Telethon on its success! Quebecers gave generously on June 4 and 5 during the benefit event for sick children. It’s a success story that Atypic was proud to be part of, having spearheaded the telemarketing and Web strategies for renewing support from Opération Enfant Soleil donors.

The reverse telethon: a telemarketing coup

Throughout the week leading up to the Telethon, our call agents contacted a group of selected donors to offer them a chance to be first in line to renew their support for the Telethon by making a donation. Atypic is proud to say that thanks in part to this operation, donations totalled 21% more than last year!

Pre-Telethon e-mail blitz for VIP donors

Using the same approach, the Web renewal strategy called for a series of four e-mails to be sent out in the run-up to the Telethon, inviting donors to make their online donations early. Developed by Atypic, the concept made the donors a part of the team and put them in the centre of the action by giving them star status. To date, the results have been amazing! In addition to providing Opération Enfant Soleil with a big financial lift, they have shown us that more and more donors are willing to donate online.

Congratulations to the entire Opération Enfant Soleil team!