Amnesty International: Free Raif

Internet and social media awareness campaign

The strategies that Atypic puts forward are always innovative, and the underlying concepts, out of the ordinary! Its agents’ calls are also top-notch: our donors appreciate their professionalism and their dedication to Amnesty’s cause.

In the last few years, Atypic has suggested that we look into a more integrated campaign (e-mailing, Web campaign and social media operations). We are delighted with the results!

– Sandrine Guillot, Financing Director, Amnesty international

Raif Badawi, a Saudi citizen, has been sentenced to jail and 1,000 lashes for having spoken about religious freedom in his blog.

Because his sentence is simply unacceptable, we have joined forces with the French-language section of Amnesty International Canada to launch and circulate a petition. The goal: to ask Saudi authorities to free Raif unconditionally so that he can rejoin his family in Canada.

How Atypic has helped

We developed a platform where visitors can sign the petition and learn about other ways to help Raif: sending a letter to the Minister of External Affairs, calling the Saudi Arabian embassy or flooding it with tweets, getting the word out about Raif on social media, and donating to Amnesty International. Since there have been numerous twists and turns in the affair, an agile, flexible response was essential. We kept close tabs on developments and adapted the messages sent out to petition signers and the broader Amnesty community via e-mail or social media. Our ultimate goal was to get as many people as possible to speak out in support of Amnesty International so the blogger could be freed.

The results

The wave of sympathy for Raif was immense. Nearly $34,000 in donations was collected online or by telephone, thanks to the calls made by our call centre agents. To date, the petition has obtained over 79,000 signatures.

It’s our cause too!

Amnesty International is a global movement of men and women who campaign to end human rights abuses, one we have been fighting with for many years. Atypic also created the “Jump for Freedom” peer-to-peer event for the organization and spearheaded its yearly mail, online and telemarketing mobilization and solicitation activities.


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