Institut québécois de planification financière

Annual marketing campaign, Web platforms and strategic support

Atypic understands our challenges and gives us advice that works. We have built up a real relationship of trust, and I have confidence in their expertise.

Jocelyne Houle-LeSarge, President, CEO and Secretary, Institut québécois de planification financière

Dare to look beyond your emotions!

This was how we phrased our invitation to Quebecers to explore their relationship with money using an innovative interactive Web platform designed for the IQPF as part of 2017 Financial Planning Week. For several years now, Atypic has been working with the Institut québécois de planification financière (IQPF) to raise the profile of financial planners.

How Atypic helped

Just like the IQPF, our team decided to delve into the psychology behind financial behaviours. We created a campaign to break down some of the taboos and preconceived ideas about money and financial planning.

First, we created an interactive Web platform starring Marie, a virtual guide who invited the general public to take a closer look at their feelings about money and provided a few resources that could take them to the next level, including the services of an IQPF-trained professional to help them feel more in control of their finances.

We also produced two 15-second commercials highlighting taboos about money, which were broadcast on Radio-Canada.

The results

In just three weeks, the Allez plus loin [Go further] website had received over 22,000 hits. We reached our target audience through the TV commercials, a solid social media strategy and a series of newsletters and personalized e-mails.

Remarkably, 53% of the users who landed on our site clicked on the interactive platform and spent an average of 3 minutes and 20 seconds there—an outstanding result that shows just how captivating it was!

Since the people who completed it were highly likely to grasp the importance of having a financial advisor, the campaign was a big plus for the IQPF!

It’s our cause too!

The IQPF protects the general public in personal finance matters by ensuring that financial planners receive proper training. Atypic is responsible for its annual marketing campaign and provides consulting services on communications, public relations, and Web and social media strategy.


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