Little Brothers

Friends and family recruitment campaign

We had never considered taking on such an ambitious donor campaign. It was a major logistical challenge for our organization and our team. But the adventure was really interesting, especially after receiving positive feedback from our volunteers and donors. With their support and encouragement, the campaign was a success.

The Atypic team was able to guide and back us every step of the way, and we developed a close partnership. Thank you!

- Marie-Anne Lacoste, Funding Coordinator

It took guts, but they did it!

For the first time in its history, Little Brothers launched a Family and Friends program to recruit new sympathizers for the cause of lonely elders. They were surprised by the response, and the rewards far exceeded their expectations.

How Atypic has helped

Securing new donors is the single biggest challenge facing NPOs. What new approaches can they take to connect with donors and get them to take action on a cause that speaks to them?

Atypic recommended that Little Brothers deploy a customized acquisition strategy based on the “people give to people” principle: It’s hard to say “no” to a friend or loved one asking for a small donation to support a cause they hold dear. Since Little Brothers had the good fortune to have a number of loyal and highly committed donors and volunteers, that approach seemed a natural choice for the organization, especially as the means of communication chosen for the campaign (telephone and direct mail) were already part of its regular practices.


The results

Atypic launched the campaign with the theme “POUR COMBLER L’ABSENCE : Rassemblons parents et amis autour de nos aînés!”. It included a series of six contacts with donors and volunteers who had been preselected for their loyalty. The goal was to keep them informed, secure their support for the campaign and equip them to spread the word to their family and friends.

Over 2,800 people agreed to pitch in, and together they recruited more than 2,400 new donors. The campaign generated net proceeds of $31,915.49—a remarkable sum for an acquisition campaign, you might say. And we would heartily agree!

It’s our cause too!

Little Brothers’ mission is to alleviate the isolation of lonely seniors by reaching out and providing a support system in the form of a caring, committed extended family that will remain by their sides through their remaining years. In addition to this one-of-a-kind acquisition campaign, Atypic is responsible for the organization’s annual relationship marketing program, leveraging print, telemarketing and the Web to that end. We also created the Love Them for Life! campaign in conjunction with the organization.


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