Moisson Montréal

Fundraising campaign/Renewal and acquisition
When it pays to dare: Moisson Montréal, Atypic and the gift that keeps on givingThanks to its network of partners and suppliers, Moisson Montréal is able to turn a $1 donation into $15 worth of food for distribution to those in need. That’s what gave us the idea for “Multiplions les dindes [Turkeys for all],” a campaign designed to make our client stand out from all the other organizations appealing for year-end contributions online.

How Atypic helped

In a wonderfully creative bit of magic, Atypic transformed Moisson Montréal spokesperson Florence Longpré into a “donation fairy.” Through a series of personal e-mails and social media posts that were as wacky as they were inspiring, the performer invited existing and prospective donors to supply as many foodstuffs as possible for the organization’s Christmas basket distribution.

Along with personalized communications, the campaign included a video starring Florence as well as a microsite with an integrated payment platform. Atypic also provided strategic guidance to help engage Moisson Montréal partners and influencers like Alexandre Champagne, a true friend of the cause.

The results

The campaign was very profitable and exceeded our expectations: the organization received 540 donations for a total of $55,144. The average donation of $102 is a good indicator of the quality of the contacts leveraged (existing and new donors). Also worth mentioning is the conversion rate for unique website visitors, at 29%.

Moisson Montréal realized net proceeds of $39,000 for the campaign, a ROI of $3.44 for every dollar invested. Our conclusion? The Moisson Montréal community responds well to humour and is particularly generous when you know how to surprise it and get a reaction!

It’s our cause too!

Moisson Montréal accepts gifts of food and other essential items all year long and distributes them without charge to community organizations on the Island of Montréal. Hats off to a first collaborative undertaking that was magically successful!

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