Opération Enfant Soleil

Monthly-giving conversion campaign

Atypic helped us with developing and setting up our multi-pronged program.

The results, eight years later, continue to impress us.

Its undisputed command of donor relationships and its expertise in various channels of communication make it an invaluable partner.

Not to mention all the fun we have working with an engaged, available and pleasant team.

Laure Delmarque, Director, Individual and Planned Donations

Finding 150 new donors online who are willing to give $12 a month

was a challenge tailor-made for us! We’ve been working for years to ensure that Opération Enfant Soleil’s relationship marketing strategy with its donors strikes the right balance between appeals for donations, donor retention measures and thank-you messages. We also bring our eight years of success with similar direct-mail and telemarketing operations to the table!

How Atypic has helped

With an average longevity of five to seven years and an average monthly value equal to three times their annual donations, monthly donors are a highly coveted source of income for NPOs! The proportion of donors willing to accept monthly-giving offers is 0.08% a year, if the offer is made by direct mail, and between 3% and 5% if it is made by telephone. A telephone campaign can be very expensive, however, and would result in a net expense for the current tax year—hence the interest in seeing what the Web can do.

Consisting of four e-mails, our campaign leveraged the following points:

  • Objective: 150 new monthly donors, with a thermometer on the form to show progress
  • Deadline creating a sense of emergency
  • Unique monthly-giving offer (a risk to take!)
  • Acknowledgement of donors’ loyal support
  • Concept of community: this is a broad-based movement already in progress, and the donor can increase his or her commitment to sick children by joining it.
  • Escalating momentum, thanks to the release of information on campaign progress
  • Thank-you e-mail sent out to everyone and giving recipients who had not yet signed up for monthly giving a last chance to do so

The results

This conversion campaign was Atypic’s most profitable ever. But we should keep in mind that such results don’t grow on trees. They come from striking the right balance in the relationship with donors: OES’s yearly program includes not only appeals for donations, but also loyalty-building communications that stress accountability and messages that focus solely on recognition. Asking the right person for the right thing at a time when they’re ready to say yes: that’s the key!

It’s our cause too!

Opération Enfant Soleil raises funds to support the development of high-quality pediatric services and social outreach projects for children across Québec. Atypic has been working with the organization for several years on acquisition, retention and growth measures, on the Web, by mail and by telephone.

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