Jacinthe Bussières


514 528-5252, ext. 217

Understanding the issues, grasping client needs and finding the right word fast are what she does best.

In another life, Jacinthe learned Russian and became an expert in street papers before she left to play in CBC/Radio-Canada’s archives and behind the scenes at Maison Théâtre. When time allows, she enjoys delivering food by bike for a meals-on-wheels program and taking part in focus groups on neighbourhood life, in keeping with her fondness for community-based causes.

Why Atypic?

“Because of the confidence they show in me and the richness of our interactions. I am able to develop my abilities and reinvent myself, and that’s motivating. What’s more, I get to work with people who are dedicated to a cause and often very passionate about it. It’s always a very rewarding experience and I learn something new every day.”

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