Laurent Prud’homme

Communications and marketing director

Orchestrating relevant, memorable, and effective communication campaigns is what he does best.

In another life, he was a community radio host in France, a DJ in Spain and a rock ‘n roll dancer in England, before becoming one of the best copywriters in Quebec. Since he moved here 25 years ago, Laurent has worked at Publicis, PNMD, PALM, Sid Lee and led the creation teams at BBDO and Cossette. Although his campaigns have won numerous local and international awards, it is those that have been recognized for their effectiveness that make him most proud. For Laurent, ROI is king. Today, Laurent is no longer content with designing ads; he wants to oversee all aspects of the communication campaigns entrusted to him.

Outside of work, you’ll find him on all fours crawling after his son; scooting across his neighbourhood on a scooter, being pulled by his dog, or cooking up delectable comfort food.

Why Atypic?

Because of the meaning it gives to what I do. After having worked with some of the biggest brands, I now want to work for the best causes. To be useful in a less futile way—I’d like to help prevent cirrhosis of the liver rather than selling beer.”

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