Marylène Kirouac

Senior Advisor - Communications and Marketing

514 528-5252, ext. 261

Proposing daring and innovative strategies that are a good match for her client’s DNA is what she does best.

In another life, Marylène wrote precisely 368 press releases and speeches to promote culture, literature and local businesses, from Zone 3 to Pointe-à-Callière. In just one day, you could find her organizing a press conference on an archaeological site, managing three film shoots, holding a networking cocktail with Alex Kovalev and attending a soccer practice. A great fan of local history and the environment, this seasoned communicator is also a perfect target for organizations that advance children’s causes. She admits to having a penchant for trying out as many restaurants as possible, and when she’s in the mood, a real talent for making pastries!

Why Atypic?

“Because of its impact on the lives of real people. We don’t sell overconsumption. Instead, we raise awareness, we democratize, we broaden people’s horizons. Contributing to that effort gives my work meaning. Whenever people ask me what I do, I’m incredibly proud to tell them about it and to say yes, there are places where earning a living can be in line with your values.”

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