Matthieu Dallaire

Digital Marketing Specialist

514 528-5252, ext. 226

Finding the right Web solution to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time is what he does best.

In another life, Matthieu organized a thousand and one activities to facilitate the integration of Concordia’s international students while simultaneously finding the time (whew!) to complete a bachelor’s degree in business. It’s no mystery where this former three-metre springboard diver gets his implacable calm and sense of precision, and he doesn’t hesitate to put them to work for the causes he takes on. Matthieu loves to try out new recipes and techniques in the kitchen and takes pride in his chef status. His specialties: Asian dishes and Old Fashioned!

Why Atypic?

“Because of how open the agency is to new ideas. I work with people—colleagues and clients—who are passionate about what they do and excited to learn new things. I feel like my work is making a positive contribution and really helping the people who need it most. That’s a huge inspiration for me!”

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