Isabelle Cypihot

First Vice-President

514 528-5252, ext. 333

Creating a compelling experience that has real value for her target audience is what she does best.

In another life, Isabelle dreamed of working in genetic engineering. That was before noticing that a laboratory was too small a playground for her and her keen interest in relationships and projects that break the mould. A HEC graduate who got off to an early start at Cossette, Isabelle is especially fond of marketing that makes people’s lives easier and meets their needs.

If you ask her age, this unlikely soccer coach will tell you that she was already selling the Internet in an era when you had to hang up the phone to go online, and that she’s been in advertising long enough to have worked on Monsieur B campaigns. More recently, however, her greatest source of pride is having played a key role in setting up Québec’s largest in-house relationship marketing program, one that continues to Inspire others. When it comes to causes that touch Isabelle’s heart, the mom in her admits to having a soft spot for causes that focus on children.

Why Atypic?

Because of the freedom I have to be myself and even better. There’s a climate of trust that encourages us to explore, to be creative and daring, and to challenge our limits. You can feel it in our team spirit as well as in the final products we deliver.”

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